We understand what is needed to achieve that perfect garden and perfect turf. Here is some of our advice.

Turf After Care 

Our turf is freshly cut every day to ensure that you are getting the best quality turf possible. Once we deliver our turf to you we reccomend laying the turf the same day so it can begin to knit straight away. When your turf has been laid it is essential that the turf gets plenty of water so it gives it the best opportunity to sew. We would reccomend on days where there is no rain to leave a sprinkler on your garden ensuring that it covers the whole turfed area, not leaving any out. Please remember once the turf has been delivered by us it is then your responsibilty to keep the turf alive.

Installing Turf in Any Area
Measuring Turf

Measuring for Turf

Measuring turf is very simple. A lot of people dont know that 1 roll of turf covers 1 square meter, so to find how much turf you need you simply find out the square meterage of the area by measuring the width in meteres by the length in meters. The following is very easy when the garden is a square. However, if your garden is another shape you have to follow the same process by splitting the areas into squares and adding the total up at the end. If you have any questions about measuring your garden or simply need help adding up please feel free to give us a call!